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Cades Cove In Winter

This collection of 16 minutely detailed and sculpted miniatures are designed from exact measurements of the original buildings in the Cove. They are presented with the snow that almost always covered the Cove in the depth of winter.
Production is limited to only 3.500 of each. Every miniature is signed and numbered and comes with a history and certificate of authenticity.
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John Oliver Cabin (Winter)
Our Price: $79.50

4 1/2"L X 4 1/4"W X 4"H

The Cove's first white settlers, the John Oliver family, arrived at Cades Cove in the fall of 1818. All the other inhabitants were Cherokee and it was still illegal for white settlement there. John built their cabin in the upper end of the Cove and raised four children. Six people in such a small cabin must have been close quarters.

Methodist Church (Winter)
Our Price: $98.50

6 3/4"L X 5"W X 5 3/4"H

The first Methodist Church in Cades Cove was a crude log structure built around 1840. The Methodist Church that stands in the Cove today was constructed in 1902 and has two doors. The ladies entered through the door on the left; the men on the right; and they were seated accordingly, once inside.

Missionary Baptist Church (Winter)
Our Price: $92.00

6 1/2"L X 4"W X 5 1/2"H

The Missionary Baptist Church was an offshoot of the first congregation in the Cove, the Primitive Baptist Church. These people were dismissed from the Primitive Baptist Congregation because they favored support of missions, which was a national issue for the baptists in 1839. The Missionary Baptist Church was built around 1894 and has a small cemetery near the church.

Primitive Baptist Church (Winter)
Our Price: $97.50

6 1/4"L X 4 3/4"W X 5 1/2"H

Established as a separate entity in 1829, the Primitive Baptist Church is the oldest established church in Cades Cove. The present building replaced the original log structure in 1887. Each of the churches in the Cove had their own burial ground. Since many of the pioneer settlers are burried there, the Primitive Baptist Cemetery is perhaps the oldest of the church cemeteries in the Cove.

The Necessary House (Winter)
Our Price: $39.95

2 3/4"L X 2 3/4"W X 3"H

The pioneers' "commode" was contained in its own structure. As soon as their cabins were completed, the settlers built a "Necessary House." It was usually located away from the house and not near the stream. Rain or shine, day or night, when nature called it meant a trip to the little house out back. The path to the necessary house was the first shoveled in the snowy season.

The Old Hay Barn (Winter)
Our Price: $120.00

8"L X 4 3/4"W X 5 1/4"H

Making hay in the 1880s was a job that spanned the summer for most farmers. If it was a "Good Weather" summer, a field could easily yield two or three crops of hay. The hay was cut, raked and loaded on the hay wagon. Mules or horses pulled the wagon to the barn. There the hay was unloaded and forked high into the hayloft where it was raked into a level pile. Farmers would push the hay down from the loft into mangers as needed throughout the winter.

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