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Accessory Structures

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Blacksmith Shop (Winter)
Our Price: $52.00

3 3/4"L X 4 1/4"W X 3"H

The early settlers of Cades Cove were happy when in 1878, James McCaulley, blacksmith, settled in the Cove. Iron was an all-important commodity, and it was scarce. It was used and reused until it just plain wore out.

Cable Mill (Winter)
Our Price: $122.50

8"L X 5 1/2"W X 4 1/2"H

The first mill in the Cove using water power was built in the 1840s by Frederick Shields. The Cable Mill was built by John P. Cable in 1868. It was larger than Shield's mill and was used to grind corn, wheat and other grains. It was also used as a sawmill. John Cable used a log and lumber dam to hold the water from Forge and Mill creeks in a pond. The water leaves the pond through a water gate, runs through an earthen race into a wooden flume. The flume dumps it onto the water wheel to supply power to the mill.

Elijah Oliver Corncrib (Winter)
Our Price: $39.95

4 3/4"L X 2 1/4"W X 2 1/4"H

Perhaps the corn crib represents the greatest Indian legacy to the pioneers. "Indian Maize," or corn, was the most essential of all their crops. The cribs were usually long and narrow, filled to capacity with corn on the cob and in the shuck. The small front door was used to take the corn out of the crib as needed in the winter.

The Necessary House (Winter)
Our Price: $39.95

2 3/4"L X 2 3/4"W X 3"H

The pioneers' "commode" was contained in its own structure. As soon as their cabins were completed, the settlers built a "Necessary House." It was usually located away from the house and not near the stream. Rain or shine, day or night, when nature called it meant a trip to the little house out back. The path to the necessary house was the first shoveled in the snowy season.

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