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National Heritage Gallery warrants and guarantees that the miniatures provided are free of production defects and are as displayed on this web site. However, because the miniatures are handmade, they are subject to small variations in appearance.
To provide a more personalized ordering experience, Please call 865-579-0737. You can use the website to reference the item, items or series you wish to purchase. Our helpful staff will be happy to answer any questions you have at that time. If you are ordering a Matched Number Set, please let our staff know which of the four purchase plans you have chosen for your order. The shipping/handling charge and any taxes (TN only) will be added to your order at the time of purchase.
Once your order has been received and your payment verified, the items ordered will be packed and shipped via UPS in 2 to 7 days. We pack these fragile miniatures carefully, using bubble wrap, peanuts and multiple boxes. Open your package as soon as it arrives, noting any damage to the outer container. If there is damage to any of the items received, please notify us immediately using the Contact Form or phone to describe the damage in detail. You must also contact UPS and report the damaged contents. This report should be filed with UPS and National Heritage Gallery within 7 days of delivery. UPS will provide you with the necessary forms and numbers for receiving reimbursement from them for the damaged items and shipping. You may then reorder the item(s) from us as described in the Return Policy Section.

If you have selected UPS ground shipping, you can expect delivery within their normal shipping schedule. If you require and have selected an express shipping option, we will ship as soon as the piece is ready, usually no more than 24 - 48 hours. Keep in mind that the shipping costs are much greater for the express options.

Return Policy

Miniatures damaged in shipping - After reporting the damaged item(s) to both UPS and National Heritage Gallery, you will receive instructions from UPS on how to file a claim for reimbursement of the cost of the miniature(s) and the shipping. You will not receive reimbursement from National Heritage Gallery and your credit card charges will remain. When you have been reimbursed by UPS, you may reorder the item by shipping back the damaged piece(s) using UPS Ground with no additional insurance plus proof of return shipping charges. Your reordered item will be billed at the same rate as the order for the damaged piece(s) and you will be credited for the return shipping charges.

Miniatures that are defective from causes other than shipping, not as ordered or not as displayed - After notifying National Heritage Gallery of your concerns using the Contact Form, the rejected piece(s) should be returned prepaid and packed as in the original shipment. If National Heritage Gallery at its sole discretion, finds the returned miniature(s) are not as guaranteed, your account will be credited the full amount of the order plus shipping and the return shipping charges (equivalent to UPS ground with no additional insurance) will also be reimbursed (your credit card will be credited or a check sent to you.)

Miniatures for which you are requesting replacement or repair - Items that have been damaged due to causes other than shipping or defective workmanship may be repaired or replaced with the same number as the original. You must first request the repair or replacement using the Contact Form to describe the damage that needs repair. National Heritage Gallery will contact you with estimated cost of the repairs by email and may call you for more information and suggestions. If you proceed, you must pay for shipping both ways plus the cost of the repairs.

Miniatures that the customer does not wish to keep - If you wish to return any purchased miniature you must first notify us within 30 days of receipt using the Contact Form or phone and when you have received approval from National Heritage Gallery you may ship the item(s) back to us at your expense. If the item(s) are received in satisfactory condition your account will be credited for the original cost of the miniature(s) but not the original shipping.

Open stock miniatures returned for replacement with Matched Number Set items - If you have decided to start a Cades Cove Matched Number Set you may return miniatures purchased as Open Stock for identical miniatures with your matched set number AFTER you have initiated your Matched Number Set following the instructions in the catalog. If you have selected the "Purchase of Individual Pieces as Desired" plan you may trade in any Open Stock pieces even if they are listed in Group B and you haven't completed purchase of all Group A items. You must first contact National Heritage Gallery with a request for trade using the Contact Form. When you have received approval, you may return any undamaged Open Stock miniatures prepaid and with adequate packing and insurance. You will not be reimbursed for return shipping costs. Any miniatures received in good condition will be replaced with identical items carrying your matched set number and shipped to you at no cost.


Submitting credit card- If you select a program where monthly charges are placed on your card, the information is retained only on hard copy in a locked file cabinet. In all other cases, unless you request otherwise, your credit card information is destroyed and discarded. We do not use any information you provide us in any way other than to process your order and conduct business with you (see our Privacy Policy, below.)


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