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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I clean my sculptures?
A: Keep dust off by blowing, use of a clean feather duster or a cotton swab. Do not immerse in water or use any cleansers.
Q: If damaged, can my limited edition collectible be replaced?
A: Yes. See our Return Policies on the Ordering and Shipping Page
Q: Should I keep the Cades Cove Series box and history card?
A: Yes. All collectibles become more valuable if kept with their original box and information. Also, the box comes in handy if a piece is damaged and needs to be shipped for repair.
Q: Why do you require purchase of all Group A pieces before allowing purchase of Group B pieces in the individually purchased Matched Number Sets?
A: Miniatures that have been retired and ones that are in short supply in open stock are listed in Group B. If, as is sometimes the case, collectors start a Matched Number Set but are unable to complete it, we are able to place the unpurchased pieces back into open stock. Since Group B is composed of those most needed, the unpurchased pieces from that group will be available for replacement into open stock. We never reissue pieces that have been sold. This would result in duplicate numbered miniatures and this is not permitted.


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